With our team of experts, we ensure that no matter where you may be, you are provided with the best of services that help you move towards successful business growth.

More about the Company

SM BPO Solutions is a leading provider of back office solutions for businesses ranging from real estate to Software development agencies.

It was started in July 2012 by Kishore Kumaar who is the Founder and CEO. Starting with just one employee and one potential client from the UK, the company has grown both in employee strength and the number and nature of clients. The company provides quality business process services to clients in fields as diverse as recruitment to property management.

The company name is derived from the names of Kishore’s parents –mother Shanthi and father Mohanraj –and the logo symbolizes the journey of clients from being unhappy in their business before they hired SM BPO Solutions to becoming profitable and happy after engaging the services of SM BPO Solutions

Over the years the company has developed – through high quality work and a dedicated workforce – clientele in UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Egypt, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Dubai and Nigeria. Client businesses that we serve include Recruitment agencies, Property Management companies, Real Estate companies, Public Speakers, Marketing Gurus, Yoga Schools, Web design & development agencies and other small to medium sized businesses.

Our areas of specialty include, but are not limited to:

  • Human Resource Recruitment
  • Accounting, IT
  • Property Management

On the whole, our goal is to help you succeed at your business ventures, completing tasks for you that you do not have the time to focus on, and helping you in any way possible to bring your business to the heights that it deserves.

Outsourcing Combined With Data Security

We value the privacy of your data and understand that if you entrust us with your business processes, we should not only perform up to your expectations, but also ensure complete security of your confidential business and client information. This is why we provide:

  • A data security guarantee, using encrypted methods of data transfer.
  • Authenticated access to secured data.
  • Multiple data backups to make sure that your data is protected and safe from all kinds of threats and damage.

Why Choose Us?

Outsourcing your business processes can help you in managing your enterprise efficiently, with each outsourced task being conducted separately, while your locally based employees are dealing with more immediate concerns. Outsourcing can have a number of benefits, and here are some of the reasons why you should choose our services:

Focus On Main Business

Not all business processes are quality important, and as an entrepreneur, you can outsource the work that you do not need to oversee personally, while you and your employees give individual attention to other major business matters.

  • Cost Effective Services

    At SM BPO Solutions, we provide services that are competitively priced, allowing you to attain high quality results at minimum costs. Thus, outsourcing becomes a cost effective method, as compared to hiring your own staff for each separate field of expertise.

  • Timely Results

    Once the project has been started, we will work hard to stay true to our committed deadline to ensure time saving outcomes according to your expectations.

  • Better Profits

    With a more efficient means of completing your business tasks and forwarding the production processes, you will be able to satisfy your clients in a better manner, leading to higher profits and business growth.

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