Are you a small business owner working with a Virtual Assistant? And do you feel that your VA is not meeting your expectations?

Virtual Assistant For Small Business

We all know how tiring it should be for a small business owner to spot the right virtual assistant especially when there is a large pool of virtual assistants and virtual assistant agencies. If you have not done a proper screening or interview before hiring the virtual assistant, then obvious it will fail. However If […]

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Why is it important for Property Management companies to have after hours / weekend telephone support?

Though everyone talks high about internet, email, live chat, mobile app and any online software, there is still a personal touch when it comes to servicing customers over the telephone. By means of Human-to-Human interaction, there is a lot that a company can do better to their customers. Your Property Management business is not an […]

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What you need to know about getting a Virtual Assistant for small businesses ?

Have you prepared your mind to hire a Virtual Assistant for your business? You don’t have to be a large franchise to hire a VA because most often Virtual Assistants are meant for small businesses that are one-man bands, busy entrepreneurs who do not want to waste their time on answering phone calls, entering data […]

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