Our inbound & outbound call center services will bring corporate level customer service to small businesses at a highly competitive rate. Let us handle calls, queries and more from your customers, or use our outbound call center services to run telesales and telemarketing campaigns. Use us a force multiplier and put some real horsepower behind your business!

At SM BPO Solutions we pride ourselves on our professional, friendly and efficient service. We ensure that your clients and customers will never feel hassled or frustrated. With us, the entire interaction is smooth, seamless and beneficial – which reflects well on your business and keeps your customers coming back.

In this day and age you simply can’t afford to let your phones ring off the hook – but setting up your own in-house department can be very expensive and time consuming.

That’s why outsourcing your outbound and inbound call center services to a company like SM BPO Solutions makes so much sense.

Looking to Expand Your Market? Try Outbound Call Center Services

We can handle your telemarketing and telesales campaign or even help you to perform market research. Let us make calls for you and it will be like you have a megaphone that can reach every one of your potential customers. While we know how to get results and close sales though, we’re always respectful and always treat customers professionally.

We ensure that our clients are proud to have us representing them.

Struggling With Call Volume? Consider Inbound Call Center Services!

With inbound call center services you can ensure that your customers and clients get answers to their burning questions and can turn queries into potential leads.

If you’ve ever dealt with a small business and received poor customer service, then you’ll know what a bad taste this can leave in the mouth. Don’t let your lack of after-hours call center services let the side down!

Virtual Call Center Services

Our virtual call center services move everything off-site so you won’t have to worry about constant interruptions.

Let your team focus on what they do best and rely our team of trained professionals to keep your customers smiling.

After Hours Call Center

We run an after hours call center meaning that we’re open through the night. 24/7 call center services ensure that you can handle queries and problems at any time of day and always look on the ball. This is particularly important for international businesses and practically a necessity in today’s digital world!

Appointment Setting Call Center

Our virtual call center services go beyond just taking and making calls. We can literally act like your outsources receptionists and help you to set up meetings and appointments. We have your back and will ensure every aspect of your communication and organization goes smoothly. That’s just what we do! SM BPO Solutions largely focus on clients from the UK, US, Canada, Australia and the Middle East – though we take all comers!

For more information about our small business call center or any of our other call center services, be sure to get in touch. We have a depth of experience and broad range of skills that allows us to tackle any requirements for your organization.

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