We at SM BPO Solutions, provide cutting edge back office support for recruitment agencies across the world. Our services are aimed at helping recruiters make more placements rather than wasting their time in tasks like sourcing & formatting CVs, adding candidates to their database or simply handle the database software.

What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the field of outsourcing recruitment functions that a company performs, either partly or fully, to a service provider who is specialized in the recruitment process functions.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services UK
The Outsourcing Company would have expertise in sourcing CVs, putting up Job adverts and storing all information meaningfully in a database. In addition to these basic tasks, they also help in identifying potential candidates for a particular job and also follow up with both candidates and companies for setting up interviews. They would have the necessary tools to fish out appropriate matches between Jobs available and CVs sourced. These are some of the basic tasks that form part of any recruitment process.

Though such administrative tasks don’t add appropriate justice to revenue generation, it’s a fact that recruiters cannot stay away from performing these tasks as part of their daily job.

This is where WE at SM BPO pitch in, since we understand well, your need to focus more on profit-driven tasks of your business. Our focus is not just on handling your recruitment back office tasks; we additionally strive to add efficiency to the recruitment process.

At SM BPO Solutions, we help recruiters bring in more efficiency to the placement process by helping them to not only carry out placements but also improve the speed in recruitment and thereby achieve increased volume of recruitments achieved. We take charge of key functions like sourcing CVs, storing themin the most appropriate formats, perform data entry of candidate records, store company information, hunt/run searches for candidates whose CVs match with jobs available and manage the recruitment database.

By outsourcing your administrative tasks, we can relieve your recruiters of the following:-

  • Run Candidate searches on job boards and qualify shortlist them
  • Run Candidate searches on other sources like LinkedIn and qualify them
  • Add full Candidate data to the Recruitment CRM Database
  • Format Candidate CVs that need to be sent out to Clients for Interviews
  • Send out Interview Confirmations to Candidates & Companies
  • Source new companies and gather names of Hiring managers and put them onto the database
  • Post job adverts on job boards and other online sources
  • Handle responses received via alerts
  • Create Job-vacancy intelligence reports that may be used to approach companies
  • Call companies to verify the details of hiring managers and keep the database up to date
  • …and lots more…

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Tasks We Perform:

  • CV Sourcing
  • Passive Search
  • Data Sourcing
  • Names Sourcing
  • CV Formatting
  • Vacancy Monitoring
  • LinkedIn campaigning
  • Job Advert Posting
  • Data entry & Data processing
  • Internet research
  • Mail Out Management
  • Direct outbound calls for 1st Level screening
  • Email Marketing
  • Custom-made tasks

How can you benefit from this?

  • We scourge through hoards of CVs and shortlist potentially good ones
  • We keep an eye on the Responses received for Job Adverts
  • We format CVs received
  • We keep the Candidate, Job and Companies Databases up to date
  • You fetch Direct Contact Details of Decision-Makers
  • We keep track of Vacancy Intelligence and make them readily available to you, everyday
  • We take care of posting Job Adverts on different Job Portals

Some Industries & Sectors we serve, but not limited to…

  • IT & Digital
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Commercial & Office Support

Call on us AND we shall ease your recruitment headaches while you add more margins to your business!

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