If you are a Business Owner handling a large Customer Base, you are bound to feel the need to employ dedicated assistant(s) to help you out. And it’s true that your assistant would need to be specialized in Tasks pertaining to the nature of your Business. So wondering where to find such Specialist Assistant(s) to help you out?

SM BPO Solutions Is Here To Help!

As an Offshore Solutions Provider working with varied businesses across the globe, we understand that the role of a Virtual Assistant (VA) is specialized. The one who is good at Bookkeeping may not be the right choice for Virtual-Assistant Serviceshandling Phone Calls or maintaining a Website. Similarly a Virtual Assistant, experienced in working with Realtors may not be the right choice for an Online Retailer.

We at SM BPO Solutions strongly believe that Industry Knowledge combined with proven skills is more important for any Virtual Assistant to be successful.

Our Team of experts will provide you Quality Service with a professional touch in anything and everything that they do. And be assured that you shall no longer suffer managing more than one VA at any given time.

List of Our Virtual Assistant Services:

  • Administrative Support
  • B2B Appointment Setting
  • Bookkeeping using Xero, QuickBooks, Quicken, Sage & Sage50
  • Data Entry & Data Processing
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Maintenance – WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce & Ecommerce
  • Infusionsoft & ClickFunnels Support
  • Phone Answering
  • Email & Live-Chat Management Support
  • Online Store Management – Shopify, eBay & Amazon
  • Blog Writing and Blog Posting
  • Photoshop Assistant
  • LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter Support

Our Industry Specific Virtual Assistant Services:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Real Estate
  • Property Management & Letting Agents
  • Online Retail
  • Creative Agencies
  • Web Development Agencies
  • Image Processing Companies
  • Digital Marketing Companies

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With our 24/7 virtual assistant service, you can avail the following benefits:

  • Save Money – As we offer affordable and high quality outsourced services, you can be sure that our Virtual Assistants shall be capable of handling all kinds of tasks for your company. You shall save money not just by hiring our Services, but also reduce your overheads by not having to invest on Office Equipment, Employee Training and other related factors.
  • No Need of a Locally Based Office – If you are based in one location and need the work to be done in another, we as Global Service Providers, shall provide you with uniform quality of services, no matter where or when you may be in need of them.
  • Get Expert Help – Based on the needs felt indifferent areas of your business, we shall supply you Virtual Assistants who excel in that particular area / field. With this, you shall be in a position to provide additional boost to the relevant departments within your Organization.
  • Reliable Services – We take pride in the Quality of services we offer to our Clients. Our Services come to you with the assurance that our 24/7 Virtual Assistants shall prove themselves to be the “Best in Business”.

Do you have these questions in mind?

  • What is Virtual Assistance?

    Virtual Assistance is a Type of Administrative / Technical Service provided to clients, and such assistants are called Virtual Assistants (VAs). VAs use Phone, Email and Internet based Technologies and Tools to support Clients across the Globe without having to ever step in to their Clients’ Office.

  • How long have you been Providing VA Services?

    We now have been into providing VA services for Five Years as a Company but our Collective Experience extends to Twelve Years.

  • Can I try your VA, before I hire your VA Service?

    Yes. We can offer you Four Hours of Virtual Assistant Service, Free-of-cost, for you to test our VA Skills.

  • Is there a Specific Reason why I should hire you and not outsource it to someone else?

    There is no harm in trying both. However, we have heard from Clients who have tried that in the past and learnt that things did not go well for them. But it’s always a good idea to try both and decide based on the results it can produce for you.

  • How quickly can you setup VA Services for us?

    It usually takes Seven to Fourteen Days but could take a few extra days to pick the RIGHT person for the job. We are particular about providing you with ONLY THE BEST. However, we have also had a few instances of getting started as quickly as a day or two.

  • How do I know that your VAs can carry out these Tasks?

    You can talk to our VAs and zero-in on the one you feel most comfortable to work with. We advise you to conduct Interviews the way you would do to hire someone in-house. We usually advise our clients to try VA for a small/simple task so as to get a Good Idea of how and what it is all about. It could then help them list down their Requirements more clearly.

  • Do I only work with one VA at a time?

    Yes, unless you outsource Jobs of varied nature to us. But, irrespective of whether you hire one VA or more, you shall still be allocated an Accounts Manager who shall supervise your Virtual Assistants, send Reports to you on a regular basis and be in touch with you for all your needs.

  • What am I really buying when I work with a VA?

    What you buy/get are Assistants having Years of Experience under their belt – having Practical Know-how in doing different things in different ways, Experience gained through lessons learnt from past mistakes, Novel Ideas suggested in Improvising things etc.

  • How do I send you the Tasks?

    You may send/share Information via Email, Dropbox, Google Drive or use our secured FTP.

  • Will you sign a NDA?

    Yes, we very well realize that Data Confidentiality is of Paramount Importance to any Business and we understand it protects both you and us.

  • Will you provide me with a Telephone Number?

    Yes. For all Telephone Call Answering Service Tasks, we will give you a Dedicated Telephone Number. For Jobs that doesn’t involve Phone Call Answering, you can contact your VA / Account Manager on our Office Telephone Number and dial the respective Account Manager’s Extension.

  • Can I divert more than one line to you?

    Yes, you can. But it’s a good idea to discuss upfront on how you want us to handle calls from more than one line, well before we start setting up telephone systems.

  • What type of Information do you collect from the Caller?

    We authenticate the Caller by collecting whatever Information is deemed necessary, before providing a service. Note that, before your VA starts answering your Phone Calls, a Calling Script will be shared with you. You may even take Mock Calls to see how he/she is going to sound to your Customers.

  • What Tools do you use to get your Job done?

    We use a variety of Tools – so what Tools we use, depends upon the type of job to be done. In general, we have experience working on top CRMs, Ticketing Software, Designer Tools, Developer Tools, Bookkeeping Software, Project Management Tools, Messengers, Email Clients, Live Chat Software, Social Media Tools etc.

  • What type of Infrastructure do you have in place to answer Telephone calls?

    We use Internet-based VOIP Telephone System. So, you can transfer your Phone Calls to the Telephone Number that we will allocate you.

  • How can I hand over my Email Inbox to you?

    If you are using Web-based Email, then you may share with us, your Login Credentials. Alternatively, if you want us to set up a copy of your Inbox on an Email-Client Software Tool like Outlook, we could take that route as well.

  • How do you access my Contacts, Calendar and Email account?

    We use tools like Google Apps or iCloud. Alternatively, you may suggest any other method that suits you better.

  • How often do you Invoice me?

    It could be Weekly / Bi-weekly / Monthly, depending upon the Task Type and Volume.

  • What are your Payment Terms?

    We expect our Clients to pay us within Seven Days. For full-time VAs, we offer Fifteen Days’ Credit.

  • What are my Payment Options?

    You may Wire Transfer the Amount to our Bank Account in India or use PayPal.
    All such details will be mentioned in the Invoice.

  • What Virtual Assistance is not!

    Virtual Assistance is only to support your Business’ Administrative Areas, Time Consuming and a few Technical Tasks. But if you expect your VA to give you consultation on how to grow your Business or provide you Medical Consultation or Tax Advice, then it is not Virtual Assistance.
  • How much can I really expect to pay?

    The charges are usually based on the Complexity of Work. It could be Either a Flat Rate per hour for Predictable Workloads OR you negotiate depending on your needs. But you can expect to pay $6 per hour or more, of course depending on what work you want to be done.
  • Are there any Discounts for hiring Multiple Virtual Assistants?

    Yes, we love offering Discounts to Clients who help us grow.
    We can offer Discounts based on your Increased hiring of our services.

  • How often do you revise your pricing?

    We usually revise our pricing once a year, during the month of January. However, if you want to evaluate the Performance of your VA Every Three or Six Months and offer some perks, you are welcome to do so.
  • How do you track the time spent on my Project?

    We use Time Tracking Software so that every task is tracked to the minute. You only pay for the time your VA has spent on your task.
  • How do I know that the VA is legitimately charging for hours worked?

    This is where reports generated by the Time Tracking Software can help. In case of any concerns, the respective Project Manager will get in touch with you.
  • Why would I want a VA if it costs more than someone Onsite?

    Yes, you will be able to hire someone for a cheaper price onsite. But think about the cost of Hiring, Training, Equipment, Software Licenses, Perks, and Insurance to be provided. That will make your onsite VA little more expensive.
  • What happens if I am unhappy with the Virtual Assistant I have chosen?

    This is an uncommon situation, one we have hardly experienced. But if at all such a situation should arise, we would change the VA within a maximum of seven business days. And in the meantime, a Senior Person would cover the tasks to ensure that there is no interruption to work.
    Please note, we provide our Clients the opportunity to interview couple of our VAs and leave them to choose their Favourite.
  • Is it possible for my VA to work during my preferred hours/time zone?

    Yes, if you are hiring a part-time or full-time VA, then it becomes obvious that we will allocate your VA during your preferred hours/time zone.
    In case you are hiring a VA for less than 40 hours a month, and if it is a late evening shift in India, then we suggest you provide minimal night-time difference.
  • Do you have Bilingual Vas?

    Not as of now. But we can try to source VAs who can deal with German, French and Spanish only.
  • What is your Policy regarding Holidays

    Most often, we will try to follow the Holiday List that you follow, except a few mandate Indian Holidays as per the Indian Government Laws. Please note that we will send you the List of Holidays before we commence your task AND we shall ensure to follow the same. However, for 24/7 VA support this is an Exception.

Get in touch with us, tell us what you need and set the “Tasks and Targets” for us to aim at. We will then provide suitable assistants to carry out your tasks, and ensure that Total Compliance is achieved. It’s as easy as that!

So Don’t Hesitate To Call Us Today For Our Virtual Assistant Services! We Look Forward To Hearing From You!

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